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About Us

Never underestimate what can be achieved by a group of smart, talented, innovative and committed people with a vision to change the world…!!!!

As conservation becomes increasingly important to the future existence of wildlife on the African continent, the necessity of having knowledgeable, expert wildlife services personnel becomes crucially important to its success.

To assist wildlife services personnel and support staff achieve the highest professional standards, the International Students Conservation Initiative (ISCI) was established in 2016. Its primary aim is to advocate on behalf of all it's members on issues related to the industry.

In achieving this ISCI promotes the recruitment and training of wildlife services personnel and conservation field staff at the highest level, as well as the representation of conservation volunteers.

The ISCI is committed to...

● Promote, ensure and maintain the highest standards of competence, integrity and professional conduct of its members;

● Manage, support and promote wildlife conservation initiatives throughout Africa and the rest of the world;

● Contribute to job creation and skills development in Africa;

● Manage the affairs and well-being of incoming conservation support staff and volunteers;

● Facilitate the establishment and maintenance of a support network for wildlife services personnel, throughout the world and especially in Africa.