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Situated in the Eastern parts of South Africa, in the heart of the Greater Kruger Park of the Limpopo province, lies a conservation area of rare value, also know as the Parsons Nature Reserve. With a healthy mix of different habitat types and rich in bio-diversity, this beautiful, conservation area offers unique opportunities to participate in the scientific research needed to understand, conserve and enhance the ecosystems of its complex wilderness area, home to an unique variety of South African wildlife - including the Big 5.

Students and wildlife researchers make up an integral part of our wildlife research projects. Students from all over the world have come to join us on reserves in Southern Africa, and have made contributions on many levels. Some students choose to spend a Gap Year assisting conservation research volunteering projects. Some students join to gain valuable field research experience or to complete undergrad dissertation papers. Some advanced students have even joined us to collect data for Masters and PhD degrees.

Many have come to join us in Africa to complete a conservation internship programme to expand their understanding of the industry, and learn from and work directly with our professional student mentors in the field. Our Internships are also designed to give aspiring conservationists a real account of what it is like to live and work in the African bush on a day-to-day basis – and to use the experience as a springboard to follow their dreams of starting a career in wildlife conservation.

Our research work relies on the support and assistance of passionate individuals. The ISCI  invites you to join us on our quest to understand how to protect and manage this ecosystem. 

By plugging into one of our ongoing research projects, you will enjoy an uplifting, conservation based wildlife experience, including:

  Hands-on fieldwork (monitoring wildlife and collecting data) 

•  Authentic engagement with a small group of passionate people 

•  Exposure to wildlife experts and day-to-day wildlife management practices

•  An opportunity to contribute towards building a conservation legacy, and to explore the role of conservation within a complex developed world

Your involvement will help us all towards a better understanding of our natural heritage, and how to protect this prime wilderness areas for future generations.