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In partnership with our training affiliates, AFRICAN BUSH TRAINING (ABT) (, ISCI offers fully endorsed qualification courses and accredited learning programmes in conservation…

With our main training campus located in the Northern Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa, and satellite camps in the Greater Kruger National Park, - ISCI is a leading provider of foundation-phase qualification courses and career orientated learning programmes aimed at students intending to enter the Conservation and Wildlife Management industry.


DURATION: 3 Months Full-time

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The aim of this course is to provide students with the skills to succeed in a rapidly-changing nature conservation environment where innovation is key. Graduates are equipped with a comprehensive range of technical, managerial, research, communication and life skills for employment in the field of nature conservation. 
The purpose of this qualification is to supply the nature conservation industry with people who can competently contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and provide knowledgeable assistance to natural resource and reserve managers.


Wildlife/Reserve Management, Wilderness Protection (Anti-poaching), Field Ranger Training, Game Ranching/Game Breeding, Wildlife Rehabilitation, Wildlife Research, Conservation Action Planning, And much more...

STUDENT FEE: R 81 000:00

INCLUDED: Meals, Accommodation, Study Material, Uniform Contribution, Membership-, Exam-, Assessment- & Moderation- Fees


DURATION: 21 Days Full-time

Get your hands dirty and feet wet for wildlife conservation...

Start your career in conservation under the mentorship of renowned conservationists, ex-Kruger Park rangers and veterans in in the field; or just join the course for a life changing wilderness experience…the choice is yours, but one thing is certain - what you will learn and experience is priceless!!! 

This “feet-wet & hands-dirty” course has been developed to teach students the fundamentals of sustainable and responsible wildlife management as they actively partake in the daily running of a wilderness concession...


Conservation Action Planning, Laws & Legislation, Bio-diversity Conservation, Natural Resources Protection, Veld Management, Ecological Processes & Principles, Plant & Animal Care, Land Degradation, Invader Plants, Bush Encroachment, Road Maintenance, Fire Management, Animal Health Monitoring, Game Fencing, And much more…

STUDENT FEE: R 26 700:00

INCLUDED: Meals, Accommodation, Study Material, Uniform Contribution, Membership-, Exam-, Assessment- & Moderation- Fees.


DURATION: 21 Days Full-time

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Our WILDERNESS PROTECTION (Anti-Poaching) COURSE is based upon extensive direct counter-poaching experience. 
This course provides a well balanced theoretical and practical blend of proven and tested tactics to the prevention of poaching, theft and mutilation of game animals, from a game reserve and wilderness conservation perspective.  If you are a reserve owner, conservancy, wildlife or game farm manager; game ranger, game scout,  game guard, trails guide or field guide or merely have an interest in this field, this course is for you.


Introduction to Anti-poaching, Setting-up an Anti-poaching Unit, Training Field Rangers, Active & Passive Counter, Anti-poaching Methods, Anti-poaching Operations, Poaching Methods, The Economics of Poaching, Anti-poaching Equipment, Anti-poaching Action Plans, Bush Craft and Survival, And much more…

STUDENT FEE: R 26 700:00

INCLUDED: Meals, Accommodation, Study Material, & Uniform Contribution